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Half Lamb Pack: $120

Pack includes:
2 large shanks

back leg in two, or as a whole

boneless shoulder roast, stuffed

loin chops



Gourmet Pack: $140

New Gourmet pack contains:
2 French racks
2 packs of lamb steaks: 1 plain, 1 minted 
2 lamb rumps 
2 packs of sausages 
2 packs of 6 kebabs
4 large lamb shanks


Whole Lamb Pack: $240

Pack includes: 

2 boneless rolled shoulder roasts

1 large leg roast

2 packs of sausages

4 large shanks

3 kg of chops (approx)


Barbecue Pack: $120

2 packs of 6 kebabs

2 steaks plain & minsted

3kg of shoulder & loin chops (approx)

1 pack of sausages



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McKerchar Farm produces over 1,000 top quality Texel lambs which are exported to China and other markets. Latest technology finds the best 25% of our herd which are sold direct to you, the local customer. This ensures that your lamb is premium quality ... we're sure you will taste the difference! Our orphaned lambs do not meet the criteria for premium quality meat.

Below is a guideline of our products and prices. We are flexible for variations, our latest "Gourmet pack" replaces chops for two lamb racks. We offer free delivery within Central Otago, shipping options are available. Selecting "Buy Now' will take you to our contact page so we can discuss the best lamb for you!